Monday, September 19, 2016

Easy Exercises To Ease Pain In The Lower Back

Mild to moderate back pain can be treated and/or managed with daily exercises. Many medical professionals suggest everyone practice this habit for preventive purposes. It is estimated that more people are being diagnosed with chronic spine pain every year due to poor sitting habits and lifestyle choices. While not life-threatening per se, the condition could take a debilitating nature.

Thankfully, there are two easy exercises anyone can do.

The Piriformis Muscle: This muscle runs from the thigh bone to the base of the spine. This is often the area that becomes painful after sitting down from too long. To stretch this muscle, one should lay on the back, crossing the affected leg over the other. When both knees are bent, one should place both hands together under the knee of the lower leg and gently pull the bottom leg towards the chest until the stretch is felt. This should be held for 30 seconds.

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The Psoas Major Muscle: This muscle occupies the front portion of the lower spine and limits mobility when constricted. Patients who have hurt this muscle often complain of difficulties standing up for long periods of time. This muscle can be stretched from a half-kneeling position. One should rotate one leg outward while tightening the butt on the side that is being stretched. Then, the person should lean forward through the hip joint. The stretch should be felt at the front of the hip.

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Doing these easy stretches once or twice a day can significantly reduce the risk of developing serious chronic spinal problems.

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