Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Subtle Clues Of Spinal Problems

The human body is one of the biggest mysteries in all of existence. Organ systems account for the chemical, physical, and biological processes that make a person function in a state of balance. The spinal cord alone is already a complex world of activity, which the world’s foremost experts busy themselves with figuring out.

With this, it would be very helpful for patients to alert their physicians to perceived indications of spine problems, instead of ignoring them altogether.

The most pressing sign of spinal issues is pain. However, the tolerance for pain varies among individuals. That being said, pain along the spine, no matter how small, should never be treated lightly, not even if the person can simply “shrug it off.”

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One more indicator of spinal issues is an imbalance in a person’s symmetry. For instance, shoulders that do not seem to be at the same level in a standing position could indicate a lateral curvature on a spine.

There are also indicators to spinal problems that are not located on the spinal cord. Leg weakness, leg pain or numbness, and even tingling on any part of the lower limbs, can well be indicators of spine problems, especially if these are accompanied by imbalance on the spine.

Though it may sound far-fetched, even the loss of bowel control has also been included in the list of various symptoms.

If one suddenly finds regular activities, like walking along a straight line, or lifting an object, mysteriously difficult to do all of a sudden, this could point to a spinal issue, too.

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Of course, you can never go wrong with visiting your doctor for a regular spinal check-up for a proper determination.

Joseph Yazdi MD is a physician at Tesson Heights Orthopaedic & Arthroscopic Associates, P.C. He spent both his internship and residency at Hahnemann University Hospital, where he also served in a teaching position. For more about spinal health, visit this blog.

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