Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Valuing Spine Health In The Workplace

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People who spend most of their time sitting and staring at the computer are not excused from non-accidental back injuries. Long hours spent slouching in the office chair may eventually take its toll on the body. It is most likely that office chairs are not the best and comfiest to work in from morning until afternoon. Breaks are too short to take long walks to relax the back muscles.

Below are two ways to take care of your spine health in the workplace.

Keep moving

Prolonged static posture is what gets everyone in the office at risk of non-accidental back injuries. Identifying this as the main problem suggests that standing up and stretching from time to time may prevent it from happening. A body that is healthy can only stay in the same position for 20 minutes. Being static for more than 20 minutes is the enemy. Moving the arms and legs even when seated may bring comfort as well.

When standing, avoid slouching. A good standing posture is when a person maintains the natural curve of the spine. Tightening the core muscles and keeping the head directly over the shoulders are just some guidelines how to keep a healthy posture. Maintain this even when walking.

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Sit comfortably

An office chair that mirrors the natural curve of the spine and keeps one sitting straight is an ergonomic office chair. Placing the feet flat to the ground and maintaining the 90-degree angle position of the knees, hips, and elbows is the proper sitting position. Keeping the head in neutral position provides a better view and reach of one’s desk and prevents possible neck problems.
Workplaces must be made safe and comfortable for employees and employers alike. Ergonomic offices keep workers inspired and healthy.

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